Amethyst offer training services tailored to your Cyber Security and Information Assurance needs. Our courses educate businesses and individuals on essential topics such as risk, mitigation, regulation, threats and strategy.

Whether you require basic Cyber Security awareness training or an advanced look into Information Assurance and Risk Management, Amethyst can cater to your cyber needs.

All Amethyst’s training services are in accordance with our ISO 9001 certification quality procedures.

For further information about dates, availability or to discuss a bespoke training course, please email or call 01256 345612. Courses are run at the following locations:

  • At our offices in Basingstoke
  • At an onsite location of your choice
  • Remotely, e.g. via MS Teams.

Cyber Security Awareness (HMG or private sector)

Cyber Security Awareness is a one-day course for individuals who are entering the Cyber Security industry. This is a beginners’ course, teaching the basics of Security and Information Assurance (IA) and is suitable for both public and private sector employees. No previous experience within the subject is required. All training is conducted by our highly experienced team, all of whom are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and/or NCSC Certified Cyber Professionals (CCP). Where a company has specific content requirements, we can tailor the course to focus on these requirements accordingly.

What the course entails:

  • Introduction into Cyber Security
  • Basic Principles of Cyber and IA
  • Threats
  • Overview of Information Risk Management
  • IA Strategy (HMG and private sector)
  • Government Classification Scheme and Business Impact Levels
  • Fundamental Elements of Legislation and Regulation
  • HMG Organisation and Key Stakeholders
  • An overview of Policy, Standards, including International & UK initiatives (e.g. HMG and ISO27001)
  • Sources of Cyber Security Advice
  • 10 Steps to be successful in Cyber Security.

By the end of this training course individuals will be aware of threats, principal vulnerabilities of IT Systems, networks, and the impact of risks on organisations. Moreover, they’ll have a better understanding of Assurance schemes and standards, and locations for authoritative cyber security policies.

HMG Risk Management (IS1&2)

The HMG Risk Management (IS1&2) is an advanced course for professionals within the public and private sectors which presents information on HMG Information Assurance (IA) Risk Management. This is a two-day course, covering policies described in the IA Standard (IS1&2), supporting supplements and Good Practice Guide (GPG) 47. Attendees should generally be IA specialists, however it’s also useful to ICT managers who would like to update their HMG risk knowledge.

What the course entails:

  • Risk Management in HMG
  • IA Risk Management Standard (IS1&2) application of supporting supplements and GPG 47
  • Threats, vulnerabilities, business impact, methods to reduce risk and mitigation
  • Risk Assessment and treatment methodology
  • Practical experience in conducting a risk assessment
  • Identifying documentation requirements to support HMG accreditation.

As the course is run over a two-day period there will be a breakdown of the agenda for each day. Course attendees will receive a set of training documentation and will be granted access to the IS1&2 Standards and GPGs. During these two days, exercises will be carried out to develop attendees’ understanding of security and IA requirements.

Day 1:

  • Risk Management Overview
  • IA Governance
  • IS1&2 Overview
  • Business Impact Levels
  • Concepts used in Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Methodology.

Day 2:

  • Risk Assessment Example
  • Concepts used in Risk Treatment
  • Risk Treatment Methodology
  • Risk Treatment Example.