Amethyst was contracted to provide the programme with a Security Assurance Coordinator (SAC) and a Technical Assurance (JSP604) Case Officer.

This programme is delivering the implementation of a new Service Centre capability, providing a Single Point of Contact (SPOC), Virtual Assistant and 1st Line Support to the Defence User Community; and the IT Service Management Tooling project which will deliver in-house (MOD) Service Management capability.

The SAC’s role is to manage the accreditation requirements of the programme ensuring that the appropriate evidence is developed to demonstrate that the IT systems are secure and comply with Defence Security policy.

The SAC also organises and acts as secretary for the Security Working Group that brings together key stakeholders across the MOD and service provider community.

Other tasks include providing support to the suppliers to achieve List X and connectivity to the Defence Wide Area Networks (WANs) across multiple security domains and classifications.

The JSP604 (Technical Assurance) Case Officer is responsible for collecting, collating and presenting evidence of compliance against the 22 network joining rules, which requires close engagement with MOD stakeholders.

The Case Officer is responsible for the development of the Technical Release and Readiness Assessment (TRRA) and presentation of it, and other documentary artefacts, including performance test results to the Release and Readiness (R&D) and Live Service Readiness Boards to achieve Authority to Test (AtT), Interim Authority to Operate (IAtO) and Authority to Operate (AtO).

As part of our support, we advise the Change Advisory Board and Defence ICT Design Authority Board on the programme, ensuring that services are procured, developed and maintained with Departmental Strategies, Policies and Architectures.

Our TRRA reports capture the design and associated residual risks to the Defence Network, supporting the ability to identify, report and proactively manage risks