Mark Zuckerberg hack: anyone can be a victim

08 June 2016

Reuse of password helped cyber attack


Facebook’s own security advice to users is not re-use their Facebook password anywhere else online.

The news that its CEO and internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckenberg was recently hacked, proves that anyone, anywhere, can be the victim of a cyber attack. The American billionaire is reported to have reused a password which made it easier for hackers to break into his official Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Some reports suggest that the 2012 hack of LinkedIn may have been responsible for the breach. Last month it was reported that  that 117 million LinkedIn username and password combinations stolen four years ago were being sold on the dark web. The passwords were encoded, but in a form that appears to have been relatively easy to unravel.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Mark Zuckerberg appeared to have reused the password “dadada” to log into Twitter and Pinterest as well; allowing hackers to briefly take over those accounts.

Even when passwords are several years old, they can still be useful to hackers, as they use them to try to break into other accounts. Hackers hope to stumble on people like Mr. Zuckerberg, who reuse their passwords.

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