How prevent a cyber-attack on your business

11 May 2017

Valuable tips on reducing your chances of exposure


Cyber-attacks are on the rise, but fortunately there are ways to reduce your organisation’s exposure to the more common types of attack. Here are The National Cyber Security’s top tips of what every business should have implemented:


  • Start with boundary firewalls and internet gateways - establish network perimeter defences, particularly web proxy, web filtering, content checking and firewall policies to detect and block executable downloads.


  • Block access to known malicious domains and prevent users’ computers from communicating directly with the Internet


  • Malware protection - establish and maintain malware defences to detect and respond to known attack code


  • Patch management - patch known vulnerabilities with the latest version of the software, to prevent attacks which exploit software bugs


  • Whitelisting and execution control - prevent unknown software from being able to run or install itself, including AutoRun on USB and CD drives


  • Secure configuration - restrict the functionality of every device, operating system and application to the minimum needed for business to function


  • Password policy - ensure that an appropriate password policy is in place and followed


  • User access control - include limiting normal users’ execution permissions and enforcing the principle of least privilege

    Additional security controls to identify any unexpected or suspicious activity include:

  • User training education and awareness - staff should understand their role in keeping your organisation secure and report any unusual activity


  • Security incident management - put plans in place to deal with an attack as an effective response will reduce the impact on your business

    Remember: Doing nothing is no longer an option. Protect your organisation and your reputation by establishing some basic cyber defences.

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