Amethyst offers a range of safety services to aid the identification, understanding, minimisation and management of safety risks. We use highly specialised skills and experience that few companies can afford to maintain in-house.

Safety Management System Development and Audit

The successful management of a safety programme is facilitated through having an effective and appropriate Safety Management System in place. Documented in the Safety Management Plan, the Safety Management System should define the aims, processes and goals of the safety programme, including the responsibilities of all those involved. Amethyst’s consultants have wide ranging experience of producing, managing and auditing Safety Management Plans

Safety Case Authorship

A safety case is the body of evidence that demonstrates a particular system is acceptably safe to operate and maintain. The system may be an individual item of equipment or a complete platform such as an aircraft, ship or manufacturing plant. The process of producing the safety case will be guided by the safety management system in place for the safety programme. Amethyst’s consultants have produced a number of safety cases using a range of methods and techniques for specialist equipment for installation onto platforms, through to complete platforms or facilities

Safety Case Assessment

In addition to safety case authorship, Amethyst’s consultants have extensive experience of providing an independent assessment of safety cases, providing an analysis of the completeness, correctness and consistency of the safety arguments presented. This experience covers systems from complete aircraft through to minor modifications to existing systems.

Independent Safety Auditing

The Independent Safety Auditor is a specific role defined in Defence Standard 00-56. Amethyst’s consultants have performed this role on a number of projects with responsibilities ranging from the audit of existing safety processes through to the independent assessment of safety evidence.