World Password Day 2017

04 May 2017

Are you passwords safe and secure enough?


The first Thursday of May is official World Password Day.  

For 2017, 4 May is not just a day for a Star Wars fans, but an important reminder to check and brush up on your password protection. TechRepublic has some simple yet useful tips:


1. Create strong passwords

Strong passwords have at least eight characters, with a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letter, numbers, and symbols. They also avoid the use of personal information, such as birthdays or middle names.

2. Use a different password for each account

Don’t use the same passwords, as one compromised password can be used to log into another account. This is especially important regarding online banking and financial accounts.

3. Get a password manager

Password managers, like LastPass or 1Password, can help you store multiple passwords, often in an encrypted manner, for easy access.

4. Turn on multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security on top of your standard password. For example, an app may require you answer a security question, input a unique code, or use a fingerprint scanner on top of using your password. Check the security settings of your favorite apps and passwords to see if multi-factor authentication is available.

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