WannaCry Cyber-Attack – What to do Next

17 May 2017

Simple precautions to protect your information


Last week’s cyber-attacks saw hospitals and GP surgeries across Britain hit by a ransomware attack which crippled their systems. Malware known as WannaCry (also known as Wana Decrypt0r 2.0) scrambled data on computers around the world and demanded payments of $300-$600 to restore access.


So what should you and your business do now? Here are some simple tips for protecting your data through pre-infection protection and post-infection recovery readiness:


  • System and Application Updates – implement an effective patching strategy for all devices and applications throughout your organisation
  • Access control and User Privileges – restrict access and apply appropriate user permission levels on a least access and need to know basis
  • Antivirus and Firewalls – set up correctly, enable and keep up to date
  • Backups – perform regular backups, check all important data is included, check that these are successful, store offline and periodically test restoration of data
  • Policies and Procedures – ensure these are up to date, that they are effective and that users are familiar with them
  • Password Security – ensure an effective policy is in place and that it is enforced
  • Phishing Prevention – ensure users know only open emails from known senders and if unsure, speak to the sender to check
  • Incident Response Planning – a simple plan is better than none at all.  Ensure staff know who to contact for advice and support.


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