UK Patent for Amethyst Cryptogrphic Services

13 August 2015

Success for Amethyst sister company


The managed encryption service offered by Amethyst Cryptographic Services Ltd has been awarded a UK patent.

Utilising the powerful Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) from partner company Cryptomathic, and harnessing mature and proven commercial off-the-shelf products from third-party vendors of hardware and software security modules (HSM/SSM), the managed encryption service is based on a utility model with zero capital outlay and customer billing strictly according to consumption.

The service also benefits from many unique technical features, for example all encryption keys are securely generated and retained within the physical and logical boundaries of the service and are never publicly shared, thus practically eliminating any possibility of compromise. The patent also includes an extension of the service to client devices making use of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for secure key management.

Chief Technical Officer Kevin Sloan says: “The award of a UK patent is a major milestone for us. We’ve invested significant resources to achieve this and are proud of the formal recognition it gives to the unique features of our service.”

Managing Director Steve Southern added: “Security of data in the cloud is more important than ever and it cannot be taken for granted, as revealed by many recent data security breaches.

 “The simple and unfortunate reality is that major high street retailers, financial institutions, and global corporations do not adequately protect customer and other sensitive data. Our managed encryption service not only protects this data, but all of our service transactions are logged and retained, providing a complete record of data access.”

The service can be procured directly from Amethyst or via its partner company Accumuli Security. For the UK public sector, the service is listed on and can be procured via the Government Digital Marketplace.

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