Stopping "safe spaces" for terrorists…

08 June 2017

But what can be done?

In the wake of the recent Manchester and London terror attacks, pressure is mounting on internet giants prevent the spread of extremist content and to quash the ‘safe space’ they afford terrorists.

According to a BBC report, internet firms seem confident they can work with the government on regulating content. What they are really concerned about is what the politicians are thinking about end-to-end encryption – this is the "safe space" given to terrorists by messaging systems like WhatsApp and Apple's iMessage, where even the companies themselves cannot decode what is said.

The Home Office has developed proposals that require a judge to give permission before real-time communications can be monitored — ensuring that suspected terrorists can be stopped before it's too late, while also protecting against the mass surveillance that the public is worried about."

However, according to the report, the technology industry is largely united in the belief that you cannot put the encryption genie back into the bottle - and insistent that backdoors into their systems would inevitably be exploited by criminals.

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