Stay Security Safe in 2017

09 January 2017

CPNI campaign targets workplace behaviours


Get your New Year off to a good start by getting the basics right.

No matter what the size of your company, how your employees behave in the workplace can have a real impact on the security risks and vulnerabilities it faces.

CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) has launched The ‘Workplace Behaviours’ campaign which addresses simple yet effective ways to help your organisation stay safe.

Encouraging employees to think and act in a security-conscious and collaborative manner, as well as to take personal responsibility for their actions, can help prevent incidents and breaches from happening. Poor security practice can also leave visitors and contractors with the impression that your organisation has a relaxed attitude to security, indicating it could be an easy target.

The campaign addresses seven key issues:

  • Staff not wearing their pass in the office or forgetting to remove it when they leave work.

  • Computers left unlocked when staff are away from their desk.

  • Staff continuing sensitive discussions outside the meeting room.

  • Sensitive documents being left out for anyone passing by to see.

  • Sensitive materials being destroyed inappropriately, such as not using a shredder.

  • Staff ignoring company security policies and measures.

  • Letting visitors walk around the office unescorted or without a pass.

    CPNI have devised The Workplace Behaviours campaign kit, designed to help individual staff members ensure that they are getting the security basics right, in and around the workplace. It offers practical security advice that everyone can follow, and the materials to run a campaign.

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