New Met Police online safety videos

27 June 2017

Watch now for essential advice on staying safe online

You don’t have to be a computer expert to avoid being a cyber crime victim. Developing good online habits drastically reduces the chances of becoming a victim of cyber crime, alllowing users to reduce their vulnerability and use the internet safely.

Over the course of the week (26-30 June 2017) GetSafeOnline will be posting five short videos from The Metropolitan Police’s Fraud Squad, covering the main causes of cyber related frauds:


- Use of weak or insecure passwords. 

- Failure to install security updates on devices.

- Using insecure/public Wi-Fi.

- Being vulnerable to identity theft.

- Being vulnerable to ‘phishing’.

Last year, (2016) an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud and two million cases of computer misuse were reported to police. Many of those crimes could have been prevented by the public just making a few small changes to their online behaviour.

Tony Neate, CEO of Get Safe Online said: “We hear all sorts of scary stories about online scams, but the internet offers so many fantastic opportunities that we shouldn’t let the threat of cybercrime put us off going online and enjoying its many benefits. Instead, we just need to make a few small changes to our online behaviour in order to protect ourselves and stop scammers catching us out.

“The video series created by the Metropolitan Police shows us how to do this through simple step-by-step guides and tips on some of the basics such as creating a password. A few minutes to watch the videos could mean a lifetime of online safety, so we really do ask the public to take the time to watch them, brush up on their online safety and share them with others.”

The videos can be viewed every day this week at 

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