National Lottery accounts hacked

30 November 2016

Latest breach emphasises the importance of password security


An investigation has been launched by following the news that more than 26,000 National Lottery accounts have been hacked.

In a statement, operator Camelot said it believed its own system hadn’t been compromised, but that the affected players' login details may have been stolen from another website where they use the same details.

Although no money has been taken from or added to the compromised accounts, which is thought to be fewer than 50, it is believed the attack may have resulted personal information being accessed.

The Information Commissioner's Office said it had launched an investigation into the matter. Speaking to the BBC, a spokeswoman said:

"The Data Protection Act requires organisations to do all they can to keep personal data secure - that includes protecting it from cyberattacks. Where we find this has not happened, we can take action.

"Organisations should be reminded that cybersecurity is a matter for the boardroom, not just the IT department."

This breach once again highlights the importance of strong passwords and having different passwords for different sites and systems. If your passwords are all the same and a hacker manages to unlock one account, they could then gain access to them all.

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