More than two-thirds of security professionals expect breach within their own business

01 September 2016

New report reveals split in how organisations view security


Failing to adapt and upgrade security tools is putting organisations at risk, a new report has discovered.

According to SC Magazine, a new study by Okta revealed that of the 300 IT and security professionals questioned, more than two-thirds believe that a data breach will occur within the next 12 months unless they upgrade legacy security solutions.

Of those questioned, 85% admitted that they don't have a clear idea of who has access to applications within their organization, while 80% cited weak passwords or weak access controls as a security issue.

The study also found that organizations are split over whether security is enabling or compromising productivity. Just over half responded that their current security solutions compromise productivity, while just below half believe their security measures enable the organization to adopt best-of-breed solutions that enable productivity and agility.

In the article, security expert Andrew Bagrin points out that everyday actions – such as locking our front doors before we leave the house, needing to wear a seat belt, stopping at red lights – all take a toll on productivity, but only in a perfect world. 

"In both the real and cyber worlds that we've come to know, productivity is ultimately slowed if certain security levels are not in place," he says.

"Companies need to focus their efforts on implementing security, and have precautionary steps in place to help provide support where the impact is very minimal but the protection is at a maximum." 

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