Get a cyber-security mindset

26 July 2017

Think safe to stay safe


Most people lock their doors without thinking twice. But millions of computer users around the world don’t have the same mentality about their digital devices.

Many frequently expose themselves to security threats online, or fall for scams in which they mistakenly give up access to their personal information or even their bank account.

Don’t let cyber-criminals catch you out.

A recent BBC report states that the best way to stay safe is to treat your devices with the same level of security as you would do with your home. Your house is filled with many valuable items, but your computer and email account likely contain intimate personal information, sensitive work documents, and even access to your finances.

Suggestions include using a separate device or smartphone when you want to check your bank account online. If your regular computer or phone gets compromised – more likely since it is used more often – then at least your money won’t be at risk.

Another is doing regular backups and keeping the external hard drive disconnected from your computer. That way, even if your whole machine gets encrypted thanks to ransomware, your files will still be accessible – with an uninfected machine of course.

It’s also important that if you access public wi-fi you should also download virtual private network (VPN) software. This stops anyone from observing your web traffic by snooping on wi-fi network data – easier than you may think.

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