Game of Thrones storyline leaked

03 August 2017


Don’t be tempted to find out what happens in Game of Thrones as your data could be stolen or infected.

That’s the advice Panda Security has given to BBC website readers, following an HBO hack.

HBO confirmed that it had been hit by ‘cyber-incident’ this week, which led to a summary of an unseen Games of Thrones episode and copies of other HBO shows being put online by a hacker group that breached its network.

Panda Security urged fans to avoid  any website that made the stolen files available for copying.

"Instead of the new season of a hit show, your system may end up getting infected with malicious software," it warned.

The security firm added that the hackers behind the breach, or those that share the files around, were not acting benevolently.

"They are money driven and would gladly steal your information too without any hesitation," it said.

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