Dell web address taken by third party

26 October 2017

Why failure to renew a domain name can have a serious impact on your business


A web address used by recovery software on Dell PCs was taken over by a third-party after a contractor apparently failed to renew it.

According to a  BBC Report, Dell's software checks in with the domain periodically, so whoever snapped it up could use it to distribute malware.

Dell's Backup and Recovery Application software is installed by default on many of the firm's PCs and allows users to restore their computers to factory settings in the event of problems.

The software downloaded updates from, which used to be controlled by US-based tech firm SoftThinks, but was taken over by another party at some point between June and July this year.

Security expert and author Brian Krebs first reported the issue.

 "Approximately two weeks after Dell's contractor lost control over the domain, the server it was hosted on started showing up in malware alerts," he said.

In a statement, Dell admitted it had lost control of the domain name but said the problem had been "addressed". It insists that no malware was transferred.

A spokeswoman for Dell said that, on 9 July, the developer of the program bought the domain back from the third party that snapped it up - but she would not confirm how much this cost.

Why is important to renew your domain name?

The company that issued your domain name should remind you to renew it before it expires, but it’s up to you to renew it. The consequences to letting a domain name expire could be significant to your business.

If you don’t renew a domain on time, getting it back can take a lot of time and potentially cost you a lot a money.

As soon as a domain name expires, it goes into a ‘grace’ period and for a short time you can usually renew your domain name at the same price. But once this grace period expires, there’s always the risk of losing the domain name to someone else.

If someone wants your domain name and buys it, you might not be able to get it back. Likewise, after a domain name has been deleted, it is considered a brand new domain name and is available for anyone to register on a first-come-first-served basis.




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