Cyber security – the basics

31 May 2016

Keep your business safe from common cyber threats


The internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits, but it also brings risks. Every day there are cyber-attacks on UK companies, attempting to steal information and money, or just disrupt business. It is increasingly important to manage these risks to take advantage of the internet whilst protecting your business.

Taking some simple actions and practising safe behaviours can significantly reduce the risk of online threats:  

1/ Download software

Download software and app updates (from known safe sites) as soon as they appear. These contain vital security upgrades to keep your devices and business information safe.

2/Use strong passwords

Use lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols to make passwords even stronger. See for further details.

3/ Delete suspicious emails

If you are in any doubt about the subject line or sender, delete it. Emails can contain fraudulent requests for information or links to viruses. If in doubt, delete.  

4/ Use anti-virus software

Computers, tablets, smartphones – all can easily become infected by viruses or malware. Install internet security software like anti-virus on all your devices to help prevent infection.

5/ Train your staff

Make sure your staff are aware of cyber security threats and how to recognise them. Without the appropriate cyber awareness employees can soon become the ‘weak link’ in your cyber defence.

Remember: A single successful attack could seriously damage your business.

What’s at risk?

  • Your money, information and reputation

  • Your IT equipment and your IT-based services

  • Client lists, customer databases

  • Your financial details and customers’ financial details

  • Product designs, pricing information.

What form can threats take?

  • Theft or unauthorised access of computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles

  • Remote attacks on your IT systems or website

  • Attacks on information held in third party systems, e.g. your hosted services or company bank account

  • Access to information through your staff.




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