Cyber-security: as important as fighting terrorism

10 October 2017


Keeping the UK safe from cyber-attacks is now as important as fighting terrorism, according to GCHQ.

Jeremy Fleming, head of the intelligence monitoring service, has said that increased funding was being spent on making GCHQ a "cyber-organisation" as much as an intelligence and counter-terrorism one.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Fleming revealed that there had been nearly 600 "significant" cyber-attacks needing a national response in the last year.

He said: “We see that in the way terrorists are constantly changing their weapons, or states are using their full range of tools to steal secrets, gain influence and attack our economy.

"If GCHQ is to continue to help keep the country safe, then protecting the digital homeland - keeping our citizens safe and free online - must become and remain as much part of our mission as our global intelligence reach and our round-the-clock efforts against terrorism.”

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