Cyber Centre aims to make UK the ‘hardest target’

14 February 2017

Queen officially opens The National Cyber Security Centre


The Queen was shown how hackers could target the UK's electricity supply as she opened a centre to protect the nation from cyber attacks.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCCS) - part of intelligence agency GCHQ - started work in October as part of a £1.9bn five-year strategy.

Staff in Victoria, central London, will be joined by experts from the private sector to help identify threats. The secondments to the centre by 100 private sector employees will be funded by their own companies.

"Government cannot protect business and the general public from the risks of cyber-attack on its own,” said Chancellor Philip Hammond as he announced the initiative.

“ It has to be a team effort. It is only in this way that we can stay one step ahead of the scale and pace of the threat that we face."

The NCSC is working on trial services to pro-actively discover vulnerabilities in public sector websites, help government departments better manage spoofing of their email, and take down tens of thousands of phishing sites affecting the UK. As well as protecting against and responding to high-end attacks on government and business, the NCSC also aims to protect the economy and wider society.

Speaking to the BBC, Ciaran Martin, the centre's chief executive, said: ""We want to make the UK the hardest target.

“We have had significant losses of personal data, significant intrusions by hostile state actors, significant reconnaissance against critical national infrastructure - and our job is to make sure we deal with it in the most effective way possible.”

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