CISSP Qualification Given Equal Status to Master’s Degree

28 May 2020


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, held by most of our Amethyst consultants, has been recognised for its exclusivity and granted a qualification level equal to that of a Master’s Degree across Europe.

This comparison recognises the level of expertise and difficulty it takes to gain a CISSP, which currently has an 80% failure rate.

The CISSP qualification has been designated as comparable to Level 7 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) by UK NARIC, the UK agency responsible for providing information and expert guidance on qualifications from across the world.

As a globally recognized qualification, CISSP validates a candidate’s ability and expertise in all fields of information security. In order just to register for the CISSP certification exam, candidates must demonstrate that they possess a minimum of five years of professional experience in the information security field.

The CISSP constitutes various topics under information security studies. The final examination is based upon a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) – a taxonomy or collection of relevant topics for IS security professionals worldwide. The exam covers 10 different areas, including access controls system and methodology, systems and application security development, cryptography, disaster recovery and business continuity plans, investigation laws and ethics, security models and architectures, physical security, best management practices, networking and telecommunications security and operations security.

Most Amethyst consultants have already gained the CISSP qualification. As a company we have supported both government and commercial clients by testing the security of systems and applications; developing secure system architectures; conducting risk and gap analysis assessments and developing organisational security policies and procedures.


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