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Do you have the brains for cyber-security?

24 March 2016

The BBC have posted brain teasers to baffle you 

Businesses are not spending enough on security

24 March 2016

Cyber security budgets are still not in-line with rising threats

Hackers have the power to leave us in the dark

22 March 2016

UK systems are at risk from cyber-attacks

Two-minute interview in London Business Matters Magazine

17 March 2016

Amethyst’s M.D. Steve Howe features in the March issue

Where does the word ‘Cyber’ come from?

17 March 2016

Cyberspace, cyber-security, cyber-crime –words used frequently in a world now reliant on the internet and technology.

But as a new BBC feature reveals, the origin of the word Cyberspace – the term given to the virtual electronic world in which we explore, play, learn and share information - actually has very little meaning at all. 

Time to get real on Cyber-Security

10 March 2016

New report reveals companies need to do more to protect themselves from cyber-attacks