Amethyst Information Risk Framework (AIRF) has been Launched!

27 April 2015

Many tools, methodologies and frameworks exist for information risk assessment. Some have fallen by the wayside while others have endured the test of time. 


Amethyst is proud to be launching the Amethyst Information Risk Framework® (AIRF). Designed and developed by practicing security consultants with decades of experience in technical and information risk assessment, AIRF is fully web enabled and underpinned by a continuously refined and updated database of controls. Crucially it has also been specifically engineered to reflect what happens in the real business world rather than in some abstract sense that only risk assessment specialists can understand. 


AIRF is both a method and a tool for information risk assessment and it can be applied in all scenarios regardless of business sector or function. In the public sector for example, it provides a robust and rigorous alternative to the HMG IS1&2 standard, and for private sector clients it provides detailed risk assessment evidence for scrutiny by financial or other regulators. Equally, for any organisation seeking compliance with or certification to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, AIRF is appropriate for the purposes of completing the mandatory risk assessment.


AIRF is scalable from the smallest department or business unit up to a full global enterprise.


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