Almost half of British businesses have experienced a cyber-attack or breach

20 April 2017

Government survey reveals firms discovered at least one incident over the past year


Over the last 12 months 46% of UK businesses have come across at least one cyber-security attack or breach.

The Government survey, completed by 1,500 UK businesses and including 30 in-depth interviews, also revealed that a "sizeable proportion" still don’t have "basic protections" in place.

Most often, these breaches involved fraudulent emails being sent to staff or security issues relating to viruses, spyware or malware. Less than a third (29%) had assigned a specific board member to be responsible for cyber security.

The government's survey indicates, however, that fewer businesses in 2017 consider cyber security to be of "very low priority". It said 74% now agreed it was a high priority issue for senior management.

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