Action Fraud Launch New Helpline

07 December 2017


Action Fraud, the national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre, has launched a 24/7 live cyber-attack helpline.

In the event of a live cyber-attack, the helpline provides access to specialist advisors who can offer advice and support to businesses, charities or other organisations.  These reports are immediately sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

To prevent cyber criminals from operating, the NFIB assesses whether there are any websites, bank accounts or phone numbers that can be closed down. The reports are then sent to the relevant law enforcement agency for investigation if necessary.

What is a live cyber-attack?

A live attack is one that is ongoing, that is still affecting a business’s systems and ability to function. There may still be an opportunity for law enforcement to stop the attack and/or secure evidence that will assist an investigation, so business owners are advised to call Action Fraud as soon as possible.

What happens when you report to the helpline?

When a business, organisation or charity calls, the advisors will ask a series of questions to help identify what type of attack is being experienced, give advice/support and pass it immediately to the NFIB.

Once Action Fraud’s 24/7 helpline has taken the call and passed the report to the NFIB, they will review the report and conduct a range of enquiries to see if there are any other connected reports or links to known criminals. There may be ways for law enforcement to take action immediately.

Who to contact:

If a business, charity or other organisation is suffering a live cyber-attack, they are urged to call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 immediately and follow the instructions to reach the 24/7 cyber helpline.


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