Accidental data leakage could be a thing of the past thanks to new standard

15 November 2016

BS 10010 will make us protect information properly before sharing


Consultation is now open on BS 10010 which promises to end inadvertent data leakage.

The new BSI standard seeks to bring government-style information classification schemes to public organisations and could have a huge impact on the way we handle the security of information. It is designed to ensure that people within organisations who are sharing information will automatically mark the data with its information classification – such as sensitive, secret or top secret.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Dr Andrew Rogoyski, vice president of cyber security services at CGI UK, said ““It will force people to think about what's sensitive. When people start realising that the stuff they are generating – whether it's pictures or words – has some sensitivity, they will have to think, how am I protecting it and how do I ensure that only the right people get access to it?”

Dr Rogoyski initiated the development of the standard with the British Standards Institute (BSI) two years ago.

The BSI set up a committee to create the standard and a draft for public consultation has been published on its website. The consultation will remain open until 27 December 2016.

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