50 % of UK consumers will avoid using a company which has been hacked

20 September 2016

Survey reveals that not enough is being done to protect customers


Half of all UK consumers would not share data with, or purchase goods from a company that they know has been hacked in the past.

According to SC Magazine, new research from F5 Networks also revealed that 49% of consumers were unlikely to shop with a company that had undergone a data breach where personal information had been stolen.

The study features feedback from more than 3,000 adults from countries including the UK, France and Germany. It also reveals that nearly two-thirds (61%) of all UK consumers believe companies are not doing enough to protect themselves and their customers against hackers, compared to 49% in France and 46% in Germany.

All the countries surveyed agreed that the best way for businesses to improve their security was to ‘invest more in security’.

To read the article in full visit http://www.scmagazineuk.com/50-of-uk-consumers-wont-work-with-a-company-that-has-been-hacked/article/522951/#disqus_thread




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